Persona’s Importance

As an advertiser, knowing a brand is important. But what really matters is how a brand wants us to see them. That’s the whole part of advertising, right? You have to spend a lot of money on advertising, and knowing your buyer persona will get the most out of your brand as well as the strategy used to portray it. Everyone has their own buyer persona. Nike focuses on athletics, Yeti focuses on the outdoor lovers, but what does this all truly mean? Advertisers need to create their ideal customer. They look at demographics such as age and gender. Finding what they are interested in builds the “perfect” customer. Hence the name, buyer persona.

I feel the advertising world can easily lose sight of their ideal customers. This website that I found truly expresses the ideal take on buyer persona and how companies can take their consumers and form a target group to fully relate back to a product.

One special way that I like to think of it is providing myself with a buyer persona. After all, we are our own personal brands. Although this is a bit different, I want to believe that the concept is the same. As I am about to enter the real working world, I need to provide a buyer persona that fits myself for employers to see. Taking a look at the companies I want to work for can help shape my buyer persona for the type of employee they want to hire. I understand that a person is completely different than a product, but if I want to incorporate this concept into why it is important for advertisers, then I think it matters for it to work this way, too.

This “20 Questions” article showed the process on how to create a buyer persona for an individual company or person. This related to me mainly because I just spoke about the personal path that I am intrigued on taking.

Buyer persona is an important part of advertising and my future career. I am so happy to truly know the understanding of this concept and utilize it in my future in advertising.


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